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Benefits Of Hay To Small Pets

There are different types of hay consumed by different small animals like guinea pigs, rabbits among other small animals. Each hay type seems to serve a different purpose to the animal. Hay is usually high in fibre and low protein because it is dried. Veterinarians suggest that it is one of the best feed to most small pets. It has numerous benefits to small animals in terms of health and other things like digestion etc. Here are some of the benefits of feeding your small pet's hay.

First, it is good for the pet's teeth. Hay for chins is believed to promote natural chewing behavior and helps to wear down the cheek teeth. So the dental formula of the pet are usually impacted on so that it can graze and chew food well. Apart from that hay encourages and helps to maintain the dentition of your small pets. So if you have pets and they have problems with chewing and teeth are lost more often then there are different types of hay that you can feed the pets. For instance we have the oat hay which is among the best classes of hay for your pet.

It is therefore advisable that you make hay part of your pets daily nutrition because it impacts to the general health and ensures that the teeth are in good form. Additionally, hay is beneficial for the gut. Proved to be good for the digestive tract of your small pet. It is great for the intestinal tract of most small pets due to its high fibre content. The fibre in most cases streamlines the process of removing waste plus absorption of food is made quite easier. Hay helps with such things as bloating, stimulates the digestive system as well as helping to prevent obesity. Besides all that, it promotes the health of the urinary system of small pets. So having your small pets feed on hay can really be beneficial to ease the above processes and enhance a healthy gut system. Check out more details about timothy hay for small pets in this site.

Hay also stimulates the enriching behaviour like grazing. If you have a pet and it does not have that appetite to graze freely then try hay it can male the small pet get back to grazing like before. So hay is very beneficial and thus it is recommended that you include it in your small pets diet to ensure you are giving it extra nutrients as well as promoting health and many more. Try hay today and see how it can impact the diet of your small pet. Please check this website for more details about pet care

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